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  • Earlier this year, a woman from Coral Springs went on a bad date. When she met with Anthony Maldonado at a local Applebee’s last March, he borrowed her iPhone and used it to coordinate the theft from her home of property valued at more than $5,000.  At the end of the date, Maldonado ended up… Read More »

  • Arrested? Now What?

    Although every arrest is different, the standard procedure is set forth under Florida Law as follows: Booking.  After an arrest, you are taken to the local jail to be fingerprinted and photographed for your mug shot.  If you have been arrested for drugs or for a violent crime, you may also be subjected to a… Read More »

  • The FBI reports that in 2011, law enforcement made 12,408,899 arrests in the U.S., of which the highest number, 1,531,251, were for drug abuse violations.  Florida State Law proscribes harsh penalties for drug possession and distribution: Penalties range from a minimum $500 fine and 100 hours community service for some minor offenses to up to… Read More »